Why a Blog?

Date: 2024-01-16

I recently decided to move away from publishing journal entries due to concerns of privacy. I struggle to know what is and is not appropriate to share, and I'm currently trying to figure it all out. I still want to share my thoughts in some form, so I figured a blog would be an improvement. While I've seen a blog referred to as an online journal, at least it's filtered through an editing stage. I can take extra caution to consider whether I want something to be private or public. I also want to offer something to the reader, whether it be a new perspective, education, or sharing my lived experiences.

I also want to become a better writer. I think my writing is sufficient, but it has been at a standstill for years. Due to a past negative experience, I have been terrified of writing. To write is to bear your soul to others, and that is so vulnerable and exposing. I am also under the impression that to be a better writer, you have to read more. I did more reading over the past year; however, it is something I really struggle with to the point it is laborious and unenjoyable. I found that reading aloud helps me get through a body of work without getting distracted, but it still requires energy. I will continue to try.

In addition to improving my writing, I hope to repair my relationship with writing. I want to temper the fear, perfectionism, and shame, while silencing the inner critic. I want to find peace and safety in the process. That also means developing self-trust. In silencing the inner critic, I communicate to myself that I trust the things I have to say are important, and that I am worthy enough to write out my thoughts and have those thoughts witnessed by others.

I love the idea of cataloguing my thoughts and opinions on things, showing where I was in life at the time. As I change and grow, it will be interesting to look back on old posts. Will I still agree with what I said then?

Much of my writing is motivated by the desire to connect with others. As a consumer of media, I most appreciate people brave enough to tell intimate, ugly, and vulnerable stories, and I find myself connecting with them deeply. I feel validated in my experience, thinking, "It feels so good not to be the only one, and to not feel so alone."

If you're reading this, I hope you will join me for the ride.