I picked up knitting in November 2023 after a conversation with my therapist. I expressed my dissatisfaction with how I spent my time. My hobbies were no longer engaging or novel, especially crochet— a two year endeavor where I tried virtually everything—, and I was left feeling bored all the time. My therapist recommended I pick up a hobby adjacent to crochet such as knitting or cross stitch. Leading up to this conversation, I always thought I would never pick up knitting because it is rigid in comparison to its sister, crochet, which is very versatile. I figured knitting only produced blankets, hats, sweaters, gloves, socks, and scarfs. I'm open to be proven wrong. Still, a few days later, I bought US 8 (5mm) kntting needles and embarked on knitting a scarf with the garter stitch.

I knew going in that knitting was supposed to be more difficult than crochet. In the first few hours, I could not get the hang of it until I tried knitting continental style (feeding the yarn with the left hand). It makes more sense having learned crochet first. In crochet, I feed the yarn with my left hand, and hold the hook with my right. I find knitting to be much slower than crochet. Perhaps speed will come with practice, but for now I go slow. I also found that I am a loose knitter. I'm trying to rectify that by using tighter tension, but it strains my wrist. I plan to instead buy smaller needles. That should help.

My Knitting Projects

close-up of sparkly, checkered baby blanket full sparkly, checkered baby blanket Turqouise beanie with cable stitch