Blinkies, Buttons, & Stamps!

autism! with autism creature delete tiktok

I hate mean people! sensitive

We are made kind by being kind bubbly 4 u!

What color is the sky on your planet? love me love me love me

so tired huh?!?

why am I so fucking tired asexual pride Mayor of Clown Town with Jevil

reality is the leading cause of stress Gamer! with Tails and Mega Man

he/him Star Gazer

Night Owl with owl and crescent moon I love Thunderstorms

Fighting Depression with alternating happy and sad faces trans rights!!

Moonlight Princess I dream in pixels.

Melt Down Vaporwave

I have social anxiety with a speech bubble saying yeah I hate mondays! with Garfield

Soft Hearted Jerma985

fuck customer service i won't forget

this user is disabled Stardew Valley

non-binary pride Hello

constantly exhausted you are like so off my buddy list

kel fan with Kel sprite and cactus I love the night sky

I love autumn I gaze at stars

twinkle, twinkle i miss my wife, tails

i love loving you Red to white to blue gradient

I love Persona 5 who are you really

f word You are evil and you must be destroyed!!

Determination framed by two red hearts game over

Undertale framed by two red hearts Despite everything... it's still you framed by two red hearts

night person Depression Sucks

i miss you Death Note

da blinkie?!

you are my shining star


homophobic pointing to sans

fake download button

silly !!

Trans 4 Trans

Beau Now! 2.0 Zell Now! 2.0 Diana Now! 2.0

powered by bob with a rotating bob No time spent with a cat is wasted NeoCities the web is still yours

gay people Jojo Logo kris where tf are we

sparkling stars in the night sky Zelda holding a frog

Luigi with sunglasses Crescent moon seat from Animal Crossing New Horizons

monarch butterfly Risk Astley dancing

to-dolist with nothing crossed out crashing waves

Kaworu Rei Ayanami

Goro Akechi Clip Studio Paint user